Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Predictive Analytics World Conferences 2012

Predictive analytics with Big Data is a hot BI topic right now.

I was unable to attend the Predictive Analytics World Conference 2012 being held this week in Chicago, but am looking forward to the Boston event during the first week of October.

The agenda for Monday, the 1st of October, has Dr. Scott Nicholson from LinkedIn listed to present the opening keynote speech. Scott has a PhD in Economics from Stanford and his LinkedIn profile says he is the Chief Data Scientist for Accretive Health. I suspect that "formerly from LinkedIn" would be a more appropriate description for Scott.

One of the main reasons I am attending PAW Conference is to hear Dr. John Elder, the founder and CEO of Elder Research. On Monday's special plenary session, John will cover the concept of having a sophisticated algorithm working as your "Wingman" assigned to complex tasks. On Wednesday, John will also lead a special day-long workshop on predictive analytics using his book, Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications.

I am also interested to hear Tuesday's keynote speech from Bob Jewell of IBM Watson Solutions talking about the practical business applications for the Jeopardy-playing software.

In addition to all of the great predictive analytics topics, the event provides an opportunity to hang out along the Boston Harbor at the Seaport Hotel. If you hurry, you can still get an early-bird special for the PAW Conference and $279 nightly hotel rates.

Perhaps we will see each other there. 

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