Thursday, March 14, 2013

Online Degrees Done Dirt Cheap

While driving across Wisconsin yesterday, I learned of a great new place to get an online degree.

In the city of Middleton, stop at Poupon U and learn all about mustard. Even if you cannot visit the campus, you can still go online and earn an official diploma--for the low price of just eight dollars--in a variety of degree programs, such as:

  • M.D. degree (Mustard Doctor)
  • JD degree (Juris Dufus)
  • DDS degree (Doctor of Diddley-Squat)
  • MBA degree (Master of Bad Attitude)
  • CPA degree (Couch Potato Authority)

Each degree is authorized by Elvis (who moved to Wisconsin to be closer to the fresh cheese) and Buford, their resident village idiot.

And be sure to show your alumni pride by donning the collegiate apparel. Go Big Yellow!

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